Saturday, March 29, 2008

"Getting All Doll-ed Up" Art Exhibit

Hi All,
Here at the Artists' Nook, we like to throw out Art Challenges/Call for Artists with a Theme.
In the past, we have called artists to art out a Bowling Pin (Bowlarama in May '06), a Swimsuit Form Torso (Body of Art August '07) And Recently,

"Getting All Doll-ed Up" Include a Barbie Type Doll in a piece of art.

Here are some of the entries to this Challenge/Call:

Our Next Challenge/Call to Artist is for an Exhibit in July'08 and the theme is:
Transformation of the Mundane: Take items from everyday life and tranform into an art piece.
Open to all near and far!

All the details can be found on our website at:

Enjoy this last challenge:

By Marilyn Ryan

By Joy Farinelli

By Travis Parry

by Michelle Parry

by Linda Folkerts

By Kristie Bowman

by Kat Peters-Midland

By Jayne Bramley

by Christine Webb

By Becky Hawley

by Becky Hawley

by Joy Farinelli