Wednesday, July 04, 2007

July 4, 2007

Happy 4th of July!
Wishing you all a safe & fun one!
I have been busy adding cool stuff to the online store
Filling orders and putting together Michael deMeng Paint kits for the store and online!
The paint kits came together quite nicely! Each kit contains 7 paints colors that Michael uses in his art, a brush, palette paper, Laminated wash technique cards (in color), all in a cigar box!
Tom & Romona Ashman's workshops are coming up quickly! They will be here July 13- 15th!
If you are wanting to take the workshops but have not registered yet, Please do so ASAP. There is prep time to create the kits and will need to have an accurate class count soon! The pictures are samples of the workshops they will be teaching while they are here.
Featured Artist for July is Sandy Vanderpool. Join us this Friday July 6th for Sandy's Art Opening 6 pm - 8:30 pm. Sandy is a tradional paperdoll artist who draws and watercolors amazing paperdoll artwork. She sells her books and prints throughout the paperdoll world.
Sandy has been creating some altered art paperdoll work that is in our Art Boutique. On display, will be Sandy's Orginal artwork that her Paperdoll collection has been created from.