Friday, March 31, 2006

Friday March 31, 2006

Ok, Studio messy before cleaning.

Disclaimer here before you see the cleaned up version:

Remember it is a studio after all. And I have store backstock storage in this room. So it can only get so clean. But note, you can see the floor and the table top/work areas are all cleared. We will see how long it lasts. It feels good though! Here goes:


jlh said...


KellyKilmer said...

Hey Christine,
Can you come to my apartment and help ME clean? LOL!!!

See you guys in a few days!!!

tiffinix said...

Welcome to blog world Christine! The studio looks amazing - you can see the floor. I can not believe how much stuff is in that room! I would love to look in all those drawers - what a treasure trove!

Christine Webb said...

Thanks for the positive comments. The true test is to see how long we can keep it that way! Kelly, when you come out it may be all messy again! I will try hard to keep it up, at least thru the weekend!