Thursday, August 10, 2006

Family Vacation- Lake Tahoe

July we took our Family Vacation to Lake Tahoe. We rented a house which our California Relatives could come up and visit thru out the week. We did the 15 hour drive straight thru with our 4 boys stacked in the back seat. I think they are getting to big for that!
The week went well with the exception of our boat. We towed it those many miles only to have it on the lake for 15 minutes when the engine threw a rod and busted several holes thru the engine block!

The name of the boat is Plan B but I think our canoe should be Plan B as the boat does not hold up it's end of the deal! This is the second time it has stranded us on a lake! After Lake Tahoe, Ian traveled to his Dad's Cabin in Sand Point Idaho where the will stay!

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KellyKilmer said...

Wow! With the exception of the boat, it looks like it was fun!!!
Looking forward to seeing you at AU!!