Friday, March 23, 2007

March 23, 2007

Hello all!
Yesterday was my LUCKIEST Day! No, I did not Win the Lotto!
Two Wonderful things happen though! First, MY NEW IMPROVED The Artists' Nook Website went live! Same web address But with a Great New Look!
Big, Huge Thank You to my Queen of Web Design-Tracey Kazimir-Cree! If you are looking to update your website, create a website, add a shopping cart, do emailing of news or anything web related, YOU Must contact Tracey! She is AWESOME!
Next, on the timetable is to add a shopping cart! Yeah!
Ok, the other Lucky thing that happened, Was....Hold your Breath......ArtitudeZine is back in stock!!!!! We love this magazine but have not had it since Winter 2005. So we are soooo Happy to have it back in stock. I almost did a back flip when the Fedex guy came by with the box. But I realized it was not a good Idea, for myself or anyone around who would be witness that!
Since we are celebrating new website looks, Check out Lynne Perrella's new look.
Jill Berry's 5 books in a Day Workshop- Still at Early Reg Discount Pricing! I decided to keep Jill's workshop at early reg. pricing of $110! The workshop is Sat March 31st 10 am - 5 pm and will need to have some prep time for the instructor for class kits so PLEASE sign up as soon as possible so we can be ready. Here is what Jill posted on my Yahoo Group about her workshop: "It is a bookmaking class for all levels, and will have five structures finished in one day. We are also doing some collaborative painted pages, or non-traditional paste papers, to use in ourbooks. Check out Christine's website or mine I love teaching and love books." & I will say she is a great teacher and a wonderful person!! Guaranteed fun for all.
MORE UPCOMING WORKSHOPS: Bev Glueckert - Artist from Montana- Teaching Monoprint, Collagraph & a variety of printing techniques April 13-15th -Early Registration Pricing on Bev's workshops end this Sat March 24th. These are great techinques for the collage artist!
Cory Celaya-Artist from Arizona- Teaching Found object Jewelry, Encautic Wax, Foil Collage and Roses & Resin project April 27-29th. Plus she will be demonstrating "Intro to Mixed Media" on Thurs April 26th at 6:30 pm Her early registration discount pricing is through April 6th. Sign up soon and save!
Art Challenge!!!! We have an art challenge for artists to create artwork based on a theme! This will be display as an Art Exhibit here at The Artists' Nook in May with the Art Opening Reception on Friday May 11th. Deadline to register is March 31st, So Don't Wait!!! Visit The Artists' Nook Website to get more info on this challenge.
Weight Watchers Update: This week when I weighed in on Monday, I lost 4.6 lbs! Yeah! But it goes to show how much toxins were in my body with the lack of eating well. I was told that since I had such a initial loss that much next week will not be very much if at all. So my plan was to hit the gym hard this week to prove them wrong!! My plan was to go before work... But after 3 days of attempting that plan, I came to the realization that after work will be better for me. I like to sleep in!!! I am yet to go but today is a new day and I have hope!
New in at the NOOK: Book board cut to 6 "x6" & 4"x4" sizes, some rubberstamps, bookcloth, PVA in 8 oz size, & more stuff added to the markdown section.
That's all for now!


Kelly Kilmer said...

Hey Christine,
Congrats on WW!! You GO girl!
Hey, will you have pictures of Venita's show for those of us that live far far away?

Nicole Honner said...

Love the look of your new website!