Saturday, June 28, 2008

Leighanna Light's Workshop at The Artists' Nook

We had a great time with Mixed Media Artist, Leighanna Light from New Mexico last weekend!

We created Funky Found Object Canvas Villages, Moshi Dolls, and Jumbo Wooden Treasure Decks!

What a blast! Color, Ephemera, Art supplies, scattered across the room!

Leighanna is just full of great techniques and ideas! The work that came out of the workshops was fabulous!

Leighanna and I had some extra time to go junking, drink Sangria's with friends (Thanks, Tracey) and just hang out!

What a great weekend!

Here is the new workshop location, a great country retreat setting!

Busy Hands at Work!

Leighanna adding some art to Susan's Apron!

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Sam Marshall said...

Cool photos! Great to see photos of the process.