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The Artists' Nook Update

We are getting ready for Lynne Perrella workshops this weekend!

There is still room in her one-day Color as Catalyst workshop on Friday!

The Artists' Nook Store front will be open Saturday & Sunday Aug 1 & 2nd from 10 am - 5 pm.

Next Guest Artist on the schedule is Stephanie Lee.

Author of "Semi Precious Salvage", Stephanie is one of my favorite teachers.

Stephanie has to order supplies for the kits and it takes time to get the images printed for Sat & Sundays workshop.

So please sign up soon, so we can prepare... I can hold your payment if need be... just let me know.

Stephanie is soooo giving in her workshops of information, techniques and inspiration! After last time she was here, I found myself "rev'd up" artistically, wanting to try this and that... My altered Barbie piece evolved from the techniques I learned from Stephanie.

Stephanie Lee -Mixed Media Artist from Oregon

Coffer Leaves-2-Day Workshop
Thursday August 13th & Friday August 14th, 2009
10 am – 5 pm each day Cost $250 *Lunch will be provided
$20 Kit Fee payable to the instructor the day of the workshop

The earth offers tactile and durable materials for use in artistic expression.

Metal and gypsum, both earth elements, are combined in this stout little box of removable, suspended plaster pages - or leafs - housed in a closed box.

In this project-focused workshop, students will learn how to transform sheet metal into a textural and durable box, adding vintage and found elements to the front and/or lid using basic metal-smithing techniques and materials.

The techniques learned in this class will launch students into a whole new perspective and skill level when approaching current work with the techniques transferable and versatile.

Students will also learn the nuances of plaster and various plaster-like products to create pages and unexpected journal surfaces to stockpile in the box.

Students will get to choose from a variety of methods for the lid closure ranging from soldered hinged to ring hinged to ribbon hinged.

We will explore ornamentation including “wire mess” soldering, bezel forming (which can then be filled with imagery and resin) and more.

Various ways to combine paper and plaster pages for writing, painting and collage surfaces will also be demonstrated.

Each student can expect to take home a completed plaster pages stuffed box at the end of the workshop.

Selective Seeing: Painting the Mind's Eye

Saturday August 15th & Sunday August 16th, 2009
10 am – 5 pm each day

Cost $250 Lunch provided
The mind remembers, in fuzzy or vivid detail, snippets of history and portions of the whole picture.

You might remember what dress you wore the first day of kindergarten but the rest of the school year is a blur.

You may even have the outline burned in your memory of the peripheral view of those who were with you when you stood for an award, but can’t for the life of you remember who those people were.

Or, maybe, you remember every little detail of particular event – the people, the scents, the colors of the sky, sounds of commotion but most important to you are a few key details of the moment.

The apron grandma always wore, dad’s work boots, the color of morning on the farm. Those are the details we will bring into focus in this two day workshop intensive exploration in dreamscaping.

Working from real photos in large format, we will use a selective eye to set apart the points of focus from the background blur – both real and in our mind’s eye.

Though there may be undesired parts of the photo, we will focus on over-painting using my developed “pastelcrylics” technique that brings a soft, painterly, dreamlike quality to the work, obscuring what you don’t want and enhancing what you do.

Through exercises in selective focus and obfuscation we will recreate our memories and mental visions while exploring various painting and aging techniques that will give a new life, with a selective slant, to your pieces.

The instructor will provide a large format print of each students’ personal photo (see note. Important!).

**IMPORTANT NOTE: In order for me to have time to get large format prints made from your photographs, you will need to provide me with a high quality scan (e-mail) contact me at If you don't have this capibility then you can snail mail your picture no later than two weeks before the event. Contact Christine for more info: or (970) 416-1148

If you are not able to do this, you will be working from a photo from my personal collection. This workshop will serve you best if you provide a personal photo to work from. Original photo size should not be smaller than 3x5”.

The photos do not need to be perfect composition and the background isn’t important (but could enhance the overall composition if desired). Examples of good photos to work from: childhood home/farm, candid photos of loved-ones, a picture of you dancing as a child, etc. Old and slightly faded photographs are fine. Stephanie will provide the large format photo copies from her stash if you don't have something specific you want to work from.

Materials Provided by the Instructor:

* Large format photo copy
* Gel mediums
* Extra chalk pastels
* Aging and sealing supplies
* Printed booklet of hints, tips and information of the exercises and techniques

Designing from the Heart w/ Kaye Iverson

A 2 Day Mosaic Workshop:

Saturday Oct 3 & Sunday Oct 4th, 2009
10- 6pm Cost $200 * Lunch Provided

This workshop is designed to assist students in creating their own mosaic designs. Experience what it is like to focus on the journey rather than the final piece. As an added benefit, you will discover the nurturing and relaxing value of mosaics in one’s life.

Principles of design and composition will be covered. Some of the topics we will take a closer look at are color, textures, scale, balance, contrast, and rhythm. There will be a wide variety of materials to choose from for your projects including: glass, ceramic, millefiori, beads, pebbles, and shells. An indoor project, 12” x 12” will be designed.

There will be about 10 hours to work on projects. Grouting will not be completed due to time restraints, however, a grouting demo and instructions will be provided. In addition, a demonstration of tools will be given for those who need assistance.

Tools will be provided in class to share.
Everything will be included in the workshop fee, however, student’s may want to bring:
* Tweezers
* Glass or ceramic cutting tools if you have them.
* Safety glasses are required! If you have some, bring them. Otherwise you may have to use spares that I have that may not be comfortable for you.
* Jewelry, beads, and small collectable items that you would like to add to your work.

Patricia "Trish" Baldwin Seggebruch
Mixed Media Artist from Washington

Encaustic Wax and Journaling-2-Day Workshop

Saturday October 17th & Sunday October 18th, 2009
10 am – 5 pm each day
Cost $250 *Lunch will be provided
$25 supply fee payable the day of the workshop

From the author of Newly Released "Encaustic Workshop: Artistic Techniques for working with wax"

We will be exploring the basics of Encaustic Wax with a strong emphasis on adding words to your artwork, Hence, "Encaustic Journaling"

Through the use of image transfer, letter punches, word and number inclusions, collage layering and textural expression, beeswax has become my paper, my paint brush and my pen!

Come join us in creating stand-alone or multiple storied paintings in encaustic that will reflect, dissect and express your own voice and inner musings.

The workshop will begin with demonstrations in basic encaustic techniques, followed by time to become comfortable painting in wax. From there all participants will explore numerous techniques as Patricia demonstrates then assists students through their own projects in wax journaling.

Trish will supply the wax, encaustic colors and the heating materials for use with encaustic so that you don’t have to invest in materials before you know what it’s all about!
I’ll also bring a small selection of collage materials and carving tools, but you’ll need to bring your own personality to infuse your work!

Collect collage material, interesting carving tools, objects to press into the wax, image or photo transfers, and ephemera that you would like to embed in the wax.
Google ‘encaustic’ online to get ideas of what other artists are doing in this medium—you’ll get some great ideas for tools and items to bring.

For all of The Artists' Nook Workshops including Kelly Kilmer, Lynne Perrella, Stephanie Lee and Laurie Mika,
Check out the website at:

Laurie Mika Workshop
September 26 & 27th-

Laurie Mika, author of "Mixed Media Mosiacs" will be teaching this 2-day workshop:

Mosiac Voyage
Saturday Sept 26 & Sunday Sept 27th 10 am- 5pm

Lynne Perrella's workshops are filling up fast... Just a reminder!
Color Catalyst- One Day w/ Lynne Perrella (7/31) -
Few spots available
Color Catalyst- Two Day w/ Lynne Perrella (8/1-8/2)-

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