Saturday, April 07, 2007

Venita Hawkins-Bird April Featured Artist

We are so pleased to have Venita's work on display here at The Artists' Nook

Venita Hawkins-Bird, a local artist, who 6 years ago decided to make more time to do her artwork. A mother with a demanding day job, Venita felt this was an important part of her life she was neglecting. Venita has taken art workshops by local and national artists in the Mixed Media Altered Art style of Art here at The Artists' Nook. Over the years, Venita has discovered her own style and nutured that by making time to do art on a regular basis.
It has been a blessing for me to see Venita grow artfully!
I know Venita has friends all over the US and they cannot make to see her exhibit in person. If there is any of the artwork you want more details on you can email me at or call (970) 416-1148


Kelly Kilmer said...

Gorgeous gorgeous work!!!!!


These are very nice.


Erin said...

Fantastic work. Love the mix of color and iconic images.