Monday, October 22, 2007

I am a Bad Blogger!

Ok, about a month or so ago, I posted "Creative Jumpstarts Week One".
Since then, huge turmoil has happened in my life.

Nothing earth shattering, but I have been stretched thinnnnn!

I wanted to post "Week Two" but could not finish a thought process without interruption!

So instead of pulling something out of my.........

I decided to start again, once my demands lighten up....

Will that happen???

Yes, I am making some changes to make sure that happens!

But in the meantime, Enjoy the backgrounds you started

If they call to you to be finished, go with that call!

I am heading to Oaxaca Mexico on Friday! I will enjoy Day of the Dead Celebration, Michael deMeng's workshop & the art of Oaxaca!

A much needed break for me!

I will fill you in when I get back!

Thanks for understanding!

1 comment:

lklight said...

Yes, you are, aren't you, leaving us hanging like this!
Hope you have an amazing time in Mexico, you deserve it!