Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Frank Stanley - An Artist with a Cause

Frank Stanley painting 1,000 Cranes

An artist friend of mine, Frank Stanley of Fort Collins strongly believes is this Japanese Legend.

Make 1,000 Origami Cranes and you will be granted a wish from a crane such as a long life or recovery of an illness.

Frank's wife Krista was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and not like that news was not bad enough. They found out that their health insurance premiums that they were paying to their employer was not being paid to the insurance company. The employer was keeping that money.

So, they had no insurance coverage.

Krista is now cancer free but they are left with large medical bills.

What started out as a wish for recovery for his wife, Frank's cranes are his way to create a way to pay the medical bills.

You can read more of Krista's story and see Frank's wonderful cranes on Frank's website at:

Also, here is a link to a 9 News of this story:

And read their article Here
9 News Article of the Stanley Family

I have to tell you how humble Frank is. He called me because he was looking for gallery space to do a show. He never mentioned any of this to me. And I even asked how things were in his life.

I told Frank to keep me posted when the show will be. He sent me an email simply saying "more Cranes up on my website".

Liking Frank's Art, I went and checked out his website where I found Krista's story.

Please Forward this Email to all you know.

Frank & Krista's story is an endearing one of hope, faith and love.

Take Care,
Christine Webb
The Artists' Nook
Located at:
5032 W County Rd 52E
Bellvue CO 80512
(970) 416-1148




Bevie said...

What an awesome story of faith and strength! I'll make mention of this in my blog as well...I'll also keep them in my prayers for we know that is such a powerful tool given to us as Christians.
I'm so happy to have found your blog, and will be following from now own. Blessings!!! Now to check out your store..

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