Friday, April 23, 2010

Leighanna Light Workshops Just around the Corner.....


Leighanna Light's Workshops are just around the corner!

Leighanna is a wonderful mixed media artist that stretches beyond the norm in altered art!

Always trying something different to get the look she wants, Leighanna will teach you to do the same.

If you always wanted to learn to work with Metal learn how to patina, alter and attach to metal then Leighanna's Beyond the Vintage Metal Deck will teach you that and more. This is a 1 1/2 day workshop on Saturday May 1st. If your schedule only allows for you to attend the day portion, you are welcome to come and will still learn quite a bit about metal.

And if books are your thing, You cannot miss Friday's Construction of an Art Book! This lovely, chunky book is full of techniques you can use in all your altered art work!

And Finally on Sunday, Masks will be the creations in... Who was that Masked Man?
A new type of clay that remains strong, durable & does not require baking will be used to create these masks!

Since it is tax month, We lowered the price of Leighanna's workshops to make the tax paying pain a little easier.

Hopefully, you got a tax refund instead of having to pay but either way we wanted to give everyone a break!

Come join us!

Leighanna Light
April 30-May 2, 2010

Guest Artist Leighanna Light from New Mexico will be teaching:

Construction of an Art Book Friday April 30th 10a-5 pm
Cost Now $100 a $15 savings

Beyond the Vintage Metal Deck
Saturday May 1st 9a-4p & 6p-9p
Cost Now $115 a $60 savings

Who was that Masked Man? Sunday May 2nd 10a-5 pm
Cost Now $100 a $15 savings


Robert Dancik

Guest Artist Robert Dancik from the UK will be teaching:

Forming Lasting & Meaningful Attachments
Friday May 14th 10a- 5 pm
FULL- a waiting list has been started email me at:

FAUX BONE ™ Now in Full Color
Saturday May 15th 10a- 5 pm
FULL- a waiting list has been started email me at:

Fold Forming Sunday May 16th 10a- 5 pm
Just ONE spot left!

GARAGE SALE again......

Since the garage sale was such a success, I will continue to hold a garage sale every second Saturday of the month when Bev is holding her Bellvue Store Art and Antique show.

Next Garage Sale will be Saturday May 8th 8 am - 4 pm
I will have store product, paper racks, other racks, rubber stamps including my workshop rubber stamps, plus more.... I will send out an email the week before to give you a list of all the treasures that will be part of the garage sale


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