Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hanging out at Home Today!

A perfect day to do so!

We had snow on Thursday, Friday & Saturday. And then again today!

What a way to kick off Winter!

Thinking that the Colorado tradition of, "Now the sun will come out and melt the snow..." would happen....

Well, it did not! It did get up to the high 20's and there was hope but then the next storm came in last night.

I am not a snow whimp! Actually, I stayed at the store until 7:30 pm on Saturday to get all the orders package and ready to ship!

Monday, as I headed up to the store to tackle the "Pit of Doom" in the hallway, I got a call....
The nurses office at school, My 8 year old, Braden had a stomach ache.

He does not fake it, so I knew I needed to head back to pick him up before the "
Intestinal Creature from the Rio Muerto" attacked!

El Charro de las Calaveras has saved yet another from.........

the Intestinal Creature from the Rio Muerto!

In record time......Braden will be back at school tomorrow!

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