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Traci Bautista & DJ Pettitt Workshop Collage Collabortive

Collage Collaborative w/ Traci Bautista & DJ Pettitt

Thursday January 31- Sunday Feb 3, 2008

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Spend 4 days being creative with mixed media artists Traci Bautista and DJ Pettitt. We’ve created a n eclectic collage and painting workshop that combines the best of our techniques to create a beautiful one-of-a-kind art journal with painted collage covers and a no sew journal bag!

Day 1- Thursday, January 31 – monotypes & drizzles
This is a process workshop to learn painting techniques from my book Collage Unleashed, you will create colorful layers with handmade printing plates made from cardboard and fun foam. Create fabulous painted backgrounds experimenting with printmaking techniques including color scraping, washing, monotype , eyedropper doodles, gesso textures, dyed cloth stamping & stenciling and glazing. These paintings will be used in the journal you create on Day 3 and the bag made on day 4. This workshop will be taught by Traci Bautista.

Day 2 - Friday, Feb. 1 - Fabric Painting Learn step-by-step fabric painting techniques, as you paint images for the cover of the journal that you will make on day 3 with Traci, as well as images for the journal bag made on day 4 with DJ. Learn painting techniques using washes and glazes, and paint a face (use pattern provided or paint from your own drawing), flowers, an abstract composition, or any combination of your choosing. This workshop will be taught by DJ Pettitt.

Day 3 Saturday, Feb.2 – The ART book Create a fabulous art journal combining papers and fabrics from the first two days of workshops. Incorporate patchwork collage covers and paintings from DJ’s Day 2 workshop. The journal is bound with a funky fiber spine that spills with strips of fabric, macramé, collage bits and explodes with found vintage beads, colorful baubles and buttons. This workshop will be taught by Traci Bautista.

Day 4 – Sunday, February 3 - No Sew Journal Bag Use your fabric paintings from Day 2 and create a no-sew bag to house your journal made with Traci. Embellish the bag with hand stitching. No machine sewing required. This workshop will be taught by DJ Pettitt .

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