Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Art Inspiration & More!

Art Inspiration!
This week I found........
Yesterday, I spent the day making Morpheus Boxes for Michael deMeng's up coming workshop at Raevn's Nest Art retreat in Cedarburg, WI.

(ok a side note: you have to check out the hottie she has on her website for the musical entertainment, yummy!)

After dropping off the large package of boxes to Fed Ex, I needed a mental break!
I decided to go to Barnes & Noble to look at books and magazines!

With my arms full, I found a comfy chair and started looking through my selections.

I have to admit something to you all at this point! I am a book snob! What does that mean?

There are so many books out there. And I am very picky! I like good content throughout the book. More than just the step by step. More than just a few good projects, ideas or inspiration.

I want the book to make me feel inspired, challenged and to get my creative juices flowing from front cover to back cover!

As I said, I am a book snob! That is why it is hard for me to order books for my store sight unseen!

So here I sit, thumbing through book after book..... Then I get to:

As I open the pages of, "Taking Flight" by Kelly Rae Roberts,
I am enjoying the artwork from some of my favorite artists: Stephanie Lee, DJ Pettitt, Laurie Mika

Ok, another true confession, I have the attention span of a gnat when looking at books, websites, blogs, etc.

I tend to quickly skim the visual and sometimes read a bit to see if the content grasps me.
You have about 1 minute to catch my attention or I move on.

So the artwork, caught and held my attention, flipping from one artist to the next, then the second to the last artist REALLY caught my attention:

Christine Mason Miller (good first name)

Her piece "Unburdened" is simple yet powerful.
A subtle textured looking background with a set of wings painted on the canvas, a simple block of color (red) and the word "Unburdened"

My interest is peaked on who this artist is.

Kelly has an interview with the artist at the beginning of their section so I decide to actually read......

I want you to know that I have been doing some personal soul searching lately and making great discoveries.
One of the things, I always believe is to pay attention to what presents itself to you. And this was one of those moments.

Her first question revealed how important it is for Christine to live life honestly! This has been a personal discovery for me that I have been exploring lately!

I bought the book and am loving it! I want to get into my studio and create, I feel inspired!

For any artist who has struggled with finding time to make art, finding their art style, or just want to do more then YOU MUST GET THIS BOOK! "Taking Flight" by Kelly Rae Roberts

And Christine Mason Miller has just released a beautifully Self Published book "Ordinary Sparkling Moments" filled with Christine's writing, collage and photography.

Talk about Inspiration!

Workshop Spotlight
Exploration in Mixed Media w/ Cory Celaya!......

I wanted to highlight this workshop series we have been doing with artist Cory Celaya all year!
This workshop is meant to be an on going creative exploration for artists in Mixed Media.
Artists can take just one of the 3-day sessions or more!

We have had some take one, two and soon to take all 3!

It is designed to have you grow as an artist teaching you techniques, art fundamentals, composition and so much more!
Cory taught this series for years in California, that her students went on to being very successful artists.

Are you needing to get to the next level artistically? Then this is the workshop for you!

Don't worry if you have not been to any of the previous sessions, You can start now! Next session is
November 14-16th.
Local Art/Artisans Opportunity!
Calling all artists and artisans...
Juried Local Art & Craft Show
"Hand Made Militia"

On December 13th at the Gallery Underground.

Put on by our favorite artist, Whitney Phippen!

All the info and the application can be found at www.handmademilitia.com

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