Friday, November 16, 2007

deMeng de los Muertos

Now, How was Mexico? You ask?

Fabulous! I have never been to Mexico so when I found out that Michael deMeng was doing a workshop in Mexico and over de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), I knew I had to go!

It could not have come at a better time for me! I have been stretched pretty thin trying to balance everything, running away for 10 days to a whole different world was just what I needed!

We had the most amazing group of people who attended the workshop! I got to spend some time with several people from The Artists' Nook network of friends. It was great to have that time away from the shop to spend with them. Connie, Karen, Laurie, Tom, DeeDee, Joe, Fran and an extension of these friends, Amy & Kathy who have visited The Artists' Nook in the past.

I had a really fun roommate, Wendy! Plus new friends, Colleen (the other), Lisa, Melissa, Ramona, Dianne, Sue, Marcia, Kristy, Marilyn, Syd

Colleen Darling coordinated this trip and did a 5 star job at it! She found us the best tour guide, Juan. And planned just the right amount of tours with some additional ones for us hard core sightseers! A superb Job all the way around!

I had 4 days to create art! Go figure! No interruptions of store responsibilities. Just art!

I finished one piece, mostly that is. I just have to glue in my tiny brass number nails and touch up some paint. It is a square cigar box that I covered with heavy brown kraft paper which was wet, crinkled and dried.

deMeng color washes were added on the outside starting with the "uszhh" combo of Quin Gold w/ a little black, then adding goofy grape (dioxanzine purple) some splashes of white then a final Quin Gold wash. The interior was a Crimson with "uszhh" over that.

I am pretty sure I added some Micaeous Iron Oxide on this piece. Love that crusty paint!

The Sacred Heart was purchased at a local Oaxaca store & the metal ray thing behind it was from a Catholic Supply store in Oaxaca as well. The background behind the heart was embossed metal with words that mean something to me, like art, create, live, love etc. Which I added a color wash of "uszhh"

More metal embossed hearts on the sides which I painted and nail my numbered brass nails around. Then finally, the saying "Let your values be your compass to drive your passion" embossed in metal & painted.

This is a saying that I made up for myself to keep my focus on what is important.

Our values, what makes us who we are, are important to keep in check as we go about our direction in life following those things we are passionate about. And mostly, Respecting everyone who touches our lives along this journey.

More about the actual trip in the next post!

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wendy hale davis said...

You were a great roommate, too, Christine!