Friday, November 23, 2007

Giving Thanks!

Ok, It is cold here! Yikes, So the flowers make me feel summery!

The Thanksgiving Holiday was yesterday! Thinking about Thanksgiving makes me think of.........STRESS!

Why you ask???? Ok, only those who have sane families have to ask this question!

Basically, in our family the stress comes from the overly ambitious menu for Thanksgiving. Not by me of course, she who can heat up a frozen pot pie in 6 minutes..

It is my Mom! I love her but she needs to know that the amount of food does not indicate the success of a holiday meal!

But to my surprise to me this year, It was simple.....

Meat (Turkey- Which had a moment of crisis because the balance on the rotisserie for the grill was not quite right), Potatoes (Sweet & Mashed- ok a little over the top on the carbs), Stuffing (a must for Thanksgiving, yet more carbs), Brussel Sprouts (really good but mostly for my 10 year old, he is cute but weird (I mean that lovingly becuz who at 10 years old luvs brussel sprouts) & two pies (pumpkin & Walnut-tradition)

More Flowers..... My feet are getting cold!

So, I started to think about Giving Thanks!

Not the holiday, but what I am thankful for.

For those of you who know me, I don't pour out the compliments, flow with gushing, gushyness.

But I am grateful, every single moment of every single day! I know that is hard to believe that one can feel that when one cuts you off in traffic, is short with you on the phone, wants more than you can possible deliver...........................

I look beyond that in a person, in a moment......... That moment is what it is and I am not responsible for that reaction.

What I can enjoy is those who cross my path.................... My Friends (which really encompass lots.....each one who walk into my doors at the store, those who email me and so much more)

I cannot truly express my gratefulness in words.... It truly comes from the heart.

I am grateful that I feel this on a daily basis!

My wish for you is that you do too!

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