Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Creative Stumbling Blocks

Tuesday Sept 4, 2007

I am going to use my blog more like a blog than store announcements.

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I enjoy inspiring artists that come visit me at the store with ideas, suggestions and problem solving the projects they are working on.

So I want to reach out online, help with those of you who maybe having a

Creative Stumbling Block

I call it a Creative Stumbling Block as opposed to a Creative Block because stumbling block seems more like a brief moment in time. Not as permanent sounding as a creative block!

We all have this happen to us at some time or another. Usually, when we are working on a specific project, trying to get it done the way we think we need it to be......... Ok, this is where we get into trouble. Pushing our artwork into the direction that we want it to be......instead of letting it evolve into what it wants to be!

This phenomenon happens very subtly as we work and before we know it, we are frustrated.
How do we get past this?

Here are some things to try:

  1. Walk away- Some will beg to differ on this. Some will say work through it! But I find by walking away then coming back to the project later that day or the next day, I can see it with fresh eyes.
  2. Evaluate- What is not working...... Are the colors to strong, busy, or just not going together? Does the very large rusty gear you want to attach with only one tiny piece of wire keep falling off? Can you see your focal point or is there too much going on that you need to eliminate somethings? Talk yourself through it and follow your gut!
  3. Look at the items you are working with- I find that if I have too many things to choose from ...... I cannot make a descision! Or It starts to get too busy, too much stuff. It is better for me choose items from my vast selection with the gut feeling of what I want in the piece. I will then bring those items to my work area and try and work with those. Too many times I would find myself so busy looking, looking & looking that the creative process cannot happen!
  4. Pick up, look at your choosen items- Once you have those choosen items for your project, Spend some time with them. No, not lots of time, but just pick them up and place them with each other in different layouts on your canvas, box or whatever your base. This goes for 2-d work too. Place your images, papers around to see what goes together.
  5. Most of all......Listen to your heart, gut instinct Whatever you want to call it. Trust your instincts.

Next Post, I will talk about Creative Jump Starts........................................

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Anonymous said...

I can attest to the fact that these ideas work. Over the last few months I've used them all and they've pulled me through some difficult projects. Thanks for putting them into words.