Monday, September 17, 2007

Homework with my Second Grader!

Braden is in second grade.

No, Archery was not the assignment! This was him on the beach on the Oregon coast this summer's vacation!

I am sharing this moment of homework with you so you don't make my mistake!

The assignment was to create several different addition problems for a given number.

Like 19, 1 + 18 = 19, 5 + 14= 19 and so on.

He was working very hard and finally said, "Mom, I need cubes." They use counting cubes in school.

So I looked around to see what we had a lot of!

Pennies, No I did not have enough of these........ What else, then across the room I find a great answer..........Lego's!
Oh, boy do we have lots of those!

"Use Lego's" I said....

He looks at me strange..... NO not the ones you have built, the pieces.

So off he goes to find 19 Lego pieces. I go back to making dinner.

Before, I know it, I look back to see how he is doing on his homework and he and his brother are playing with the pieces.

Stop, Those are for homework, Stop Playing with them!!!!

All in All, We got through the homework with Lego's as our Counting Cubes.

With several times of me reminding him to get back to homework and stop playing.

Note to self: Never use toys as counting cubes for Homework!

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