Sunday, September 02, 2007

A Summer of Learning

I cannot ignore the circumstances that have presented themselves to me this summer.
It is about seeing the positive in what bad news we may get!

What has been presented to me many times in the past 4 months in different ways is that we only have a limited time on this earth!
Sad, I know but really more than that is the appreciation for what we do have, and what is presented to us each and every day!
I have always been good about seeing every positive, loving thing in each person who pass my path each and every day. But we still need to be reminded.
So this is my reminder:
It has been 13 years at least that someone close to me has passed on...... In this past 4 months, I have had 3 people I have known pass on......
3 people diagonosed with illness that could take their lives, 2 will be fine, one it is just a matter of time.
Ok, I just now see the patterns of 3's.
No matter how busy we get, what needs to get done, We must continue to enjoy the small things, the big things and the annoying things that come across our paths each and every moment of every day!
Seize the day! More importantly, Seize the moment!
Love you all,

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i am so sorry things are hard for you right now...there can be so much healing in pain and