Saturday, September 08, 2007

Michael deMeng's Missoulian Newspaper Article

First, I want to make sure you all know why I would be possibly posting something about Assemblage Artist Michael deMeng.

No, I am not a crazed, stalking fan!

Michael & I are business partners in all the Non-Original Artwork. So like, Exclusive Autographed w/Artist Card "Secrets of Rusty Things", Prints, Aprons, Paint Kits, blah blah blah..... I won't bored you with all that.

And I wanted to let you know about this great article about him and book reveiw the Missoulian did....

Finders Keepers Article

Secrets of Rusty Things Book Review

And if you are in the Montana area, Michael will be doing a book signing at:

Liquid Planet in Missoula Friday Night September 14th!

It will be a fabulous time.

Michael will be posting the details on his blog as soon as he returns from Texas!

Great Article, Michael! Have fun at the book signing! I know you will!

One more deMeng note:

We've decided that 10% of the Tarot Card Print sales will go to support the Hunger Project. It is a great organization that is highly rated by charity watch groups. This is an organization that helps fight poverty through some very innovative ways.

Our way of giving back!


it's just me....searching for hidden treasure said...

love love love the missoula article....i got to go garage saling with michael! do you carry modern options? soo

Christine Webb said...

Yes, Delta I do have the modern options.